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Toxic Mold

The number of homeowner claims and lawsuits involving toxic mold damage has been increasing dramatically in the past two years.

In June, 2001, a jury in Austin, Texas awarded a family $32 million in damages against Farmers Insurance Group. The jury found that a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance Group mishandled the family’s claim for mold damage and committed fraud in the way it dealt with the family’s claim.

The family claimed that Farmers failed to adequately and swiftly cover repairs for a water leak, which allowed the toxic mold stachybotrys to overrun their home and damage their family’s health. The husband claimed that the mold caused him to suffer neurological damage that ended his career as an investment banker.

The family argued that instead of trying to fix the problem. The company looked for every possible way to cut its costs, even failing to acknowledge that the toxic mold had spread to the family’s separate living quarters.

This was the first case in the nation in which a jury has awarded a homeowner monetary damages from an insurance company in a toxic mold case.

Rest assured that there will be more in the future.

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