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Building And Housing Defects

Design defects or construction defects in commercial buildings and houses can cause millions of dollars in damage. Often, these problems do not surface for several years. Builders can only make money two ways: (1) reducing costs; or (2) increasing prices. When competition is stiff, raising prices might mean losing sales. Therefore, it is very tempting for builders to cut costs by skimping on the quality of the materials or the quality of the workmanship.

Also, obstacles in the building process often arise that may require an honest builder to tear down a section of their work and start over. This costs time and money, which are always a precious commodity. However, unscrupulous builders often turn a blind eye to the problem and build on, knowing that the building owner will not discover the defect until long after the builder has been paid and is gone.

If you are an investor in a commercial building or a home owner who has discovered either a design or construction defect, the law provides you with certain rights if you act in a timely fashion and if you know how to proceed.

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