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Executive Employment & Disputes

Executive employment disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Because executives are higher paid employees and are privy to more "insider" information, many employers will give an executive a written contract agreeing to employ him/her for specific period of time.

If you have a written employment agreement for a specific period of time, then the "employment at will" doctrine does not apply to you. Instead, both you and your employer are bound by the terms of your contract. If you have been terminated before your contract expires, you have a claim for breach of contract (not for "wrongful termination").

Many written employment contracts contain confidentiality clauses and non-compete clauses.

Confidentiality clauses mean exactly that. You agree to keep confidential any information that you did not previously have, and that is not generally available to the public, which was given to you by your employer.

To read a brief on the enforceability of non-compete clauses, click here.

Executives are not immune from being the victims of sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination (age, sex, disability and race).

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