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Investment Disputes

They say things that sound too good to be true usually are. Even the most sophisticated investors can sometimes fall prey to promises of high returns on very risky investments. If this has happened to you, the law gives you rights.

If you have invested in the stock market, there are strict federal laws that govern each transaction you make. Most stockbrokers require you to sign an arbitration agreement before they will execute any transactions on your behalf. These arbitrations clauses are binding and enforceable. If you have signed an arbitration clause, you will not be able to sue in court. Your only remedy will be to present your case to an arbitrator.

If you go into arbitration without an attorney, the stockbroker’s attorneys will eat you alive. We recommend that you always hire able counsel to take your case to arbitration. But attorneys are expensive. Be sure that the amount of money you are chasing is worth what you are about to spend on a lawyer.

General investments that are made with partners, joint ventures and venture capitalists are not governed by federal law. They are governed by traditional state laws such as common law fraud, breach of contract, and conversion of property. In some cases, these simpler laws can provide a greater remedy than federal laws.

If someone has made off with your hard earned money, you may also be entitled to freeze their bank accounts pending the outcome of your lawsuit.

If you lost money in a poor investment, and you believe fraud is involved, contact us at:

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