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Real Estate Disputes

As the saying goes " Real estate -- they aren’t making anymore of it ." Real estate is a precious commodity. Many fortunes have been made buying and selling real estate. Likewise, many have been lost.

Real estate disputes come in all shapes and sizes:

  1. disputes over title to a piece of property;
  2. disputes over views and overlooks from houses or commercial buildings;
  3. disputes over liens on the property;
  4. mechanics and materialmens’ liens;
  5. tax liens;
  6. judgment liens;
  7. boundary disputes;
  8. disputes over the permitted use of the property;
  9. condemnation disputes (when the county or state want to put a highway through your property);
  10. zoning disputes;
  11. disputes over endangered species;
  12. toxic waste disputes;
  13. court ordered sale of property;
  14. foreclosures;
  15. deed restrictions
  16. platting disputes
  17. road disputes;
  18. easement and right of way disputes;

This firm handles all manner of real estate disputes. If you find yourself faced with any kind of real estate dispute, contact us at:

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